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Dear Friends and Family, These past two weeks continue to be a time of transitions and re-assessment of why I am a weaver/spinner and my choice to spin and weave in jewel tone colors -- Think jewel tone hues of amethyst, emerald, ruby, beryl, sapphire. I am frequently told how beautiful my textiles are, because of an intriguing use of colors. However, people, including myself from time to time, purchase items that are in safe, neutral shades and muted colors. But, my tagline "BRING HOME THE COLORS OF THE CATSKILLS" (tm) is true because I want to celebrate the subtilties and nuances of colors are so dominant in any season, around any bend in our country county roads. Below are photos I have taken so that you can see and enjoy the richness of colors of the Catskills Region, NYS--here are just some of those photos. Studio visits by appointment -- EMAIL: or MESSAGE me through your Facebook account (my Facebook account:  https://www.facebookjcom…