This will need to be machine hemmed and then framed....the curves in the blue lines could be curved a bit better.  The blue lines can be viewed as musical staff or as waves.  The lettering in woven in a dark teal color.

another tapestry sampler: HALLELUJAH

I continue to weave samplers in order to boost my skills on weaving letters.  The colors are just to use up left over wool ends.  Also, because I like using the slit technique, I need to sew them closed, and then wash and block this sampler.

The sampler below had room for HALLELUJA....I'm thinking of sewing the ends together and create a prayer wheel or rondo type item?!   I plan to weave this word again, but have several ideas of its background:
---Shooting flames surrounding the word as it is woven vertically, starting from HA and ending with AH;
---Script, perhaps against a musical staff of notes from some Gregorian Chant for Hallelujah;
---or having the word ascend vertically, but with the individual letters shrinking in size to imitate a distancing perspective as the word ascends to the heavens!


Dear Friends and Family, These past two weeks continue to be a time of transitions and re-assessment of why I am a weaver/spinner and my choice to spin and weave in jewel tone colors -- Think jewel tone hues of amethyst, emerald, ruby, beryl, sapphire. I am frequently told how beautiful my textiles are, because of an intriguing use of colors. However, people, including myself from time to time, purchase items that are in safe, neutral shades and muted colors. But, my tagline "BRING HOME THE COLORS OF THE CATSKILLS" (tm) is true because I want to celebrate the subtilties and nuances of colors are so dominant in any season, around any bend in our country county roads. Below are photos I have taken so that you can see and enjoy the richness of colors of the Catskills Region, NYS--here are just some of those photos. Studio visits by appointment -- EMAIL: or MESSAGE me through your Facebook account (my Facebook account:  https://www.facebookjcom…


July 28-29, 2018  AMR - Andes, Margaretville, Roxbury - Open Studios Tour 2018.  I will showcase my recent tapestries and samplers that are part of my American Tapestry Alliance mentorship with Mentor Margaret Jones, awardee of the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust.  
For details about AMR, go to and  Also, catch Simona David's ART IN THE CATSKILLS articles on Google Plus!!
                                                   GENESIS 1:1-3 FINISHED!! What makes this tapestry important is that its "LET THERE BE...." of Genesis is echoed in Revelation 22:13 "'I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end.'" -- 'be ginning'.  And, further echoed in John's Gospel (same writer of Revelation) Chapter 1 vs. 1-2 "In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. …

Tapestry #3-Genesis 1:1-3

I am very excited about this tapestry:  For a long time the phrase of the Holy Spirit 'brooding' over the chaos is reminiscent of Jesus's comments about gathering Jerusalem under his wings just as a hen gathers her brood under her wings in times of trouble.  The above sketch is done on recycled newsprint that had text on the back side and which is not     part of the tapestry.  Also, in the weaving process I have eliminated the word "BE" as that word may be earmarked for another design in the future. 
In the bottom photo you can see up close the dark green and blue Shetland wools I had dyed with indigo.  The dark green was achieved by first dyeing the wool with either Queen Anne's  Lace or Black Eyed Susans to get a muted yellow, and then overdyed with the Indigo.

RAM'S PROFILE -- Completed

YES, this ram's eye, skinny neck, and short nose need tremendous re weaving, but I am very pleased with how the horns are woven....these were challenging to weave as curves.   I am also struggling with my signature icon and need to work on that more.